About Zita Weber, Ph.D

In my writing, I attempt to convey knowledge and theory that helps inform us about the individual and collective experience of living – its highs, lows, challenges and victories.

I also collect people’s narratives or stories about themselves and their lives in order to help make sense of experiences and connect the theory with the lived reality of everyday lives. It’s uncanny how often the theory and practice come together. This tells us that if we reflect on life matters we can begin to make connections and develop our own theories that can help us live stronger and more empowered lives.

My writing challenges some of the myths and misconceptions about many of our personal, psychological and emotional experiences. I also challenge some of the myths around sexuality and sexual practices. With information and knowledge we can make changes in our lives, better understand experiences that may be outside our own context and learn to be more tolerant of the joys and sorrows that make up our daily human existence.

My books offer readers the opportunity to recognize the possibilities in their lives and to help them achieve a stronger sense of themselves. My strong commitment to justice and knowledge is shared in the hope that readers will realize their potential.


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