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Believe in yourself – a meditation

Having self-belief doesn’t mean you have excessive pride or vanity or an inflated sense of yourself and your own importance. What self-belief means is that you have a realistic measure of your own abilities, what you can do and have confidence in your capacity to do it. Self-belief can also incorporate your potential abilities as well as those you’ve already realized in your everyday life.

Believing in yourself – because you’re really worth it
Working on knowing yourself better and accepting yourself is important for your overall self-esteem. It’s important that you work towards your fullest potential simply because, you’re really worth it!

Learning to be grateful for who you are and what you have and what you have achieved is part of healthy self-esteem. Always aim to improve yourself while accepting where you’re at currently.

Self-belief means self-acceptance. Self-belief also means being ‘at home’ in ourselves. We feel comfortable in our own skins when we have self-belief.

Meditation with affirmations
Using affirmations can remind our conscious and unconscious mind to make use of our full potential.

What you can do:
Sit on your cushion on the floor or comfortably in a chair. Listen to your conscious breath for a few minutes. Then think of yourself with kindness and compassion and on an out-breath recite an affirmation such as ‘I accept myself as I am’ or ‘I believe in myself’.

Quiet your mind with your conscious breath and affirmations. To reinforce the power of these affirmations, repeat them 3 times every day, outside of your meditation time. Some people find saying their affirmations most powerful on waking or before going to bed at night.

Be yourself
Meditation helps us to be more of our own person. If we’ve had messages during our lives that tell us we should be someone we’re not, meditation can help restore the balance. Meditations can return us to ourselves and help us remember who we really are.

Read more about self-help strategies for self-belief in Because You’re Really Worth It.

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