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Body Breathing

It’s called body breathing. You may not have heard of it, but it’s an ancient Buddhist technique that you can practise for a few minutes to maintain your mental stillness throughout the day. Body breathing is a deceptively simple meditation practice that offers you calmness and a centered feeling.

Here is how you can do body breathing:

Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Breathe in, out and let go

  1. Allow your whole body to become completely still so that….
  2. Only the part of your body that is breathing is moving
  3. Watch your breathing. Be mindful and focus all your awareness on visualizing your body breathing – ‘watching your body breathing’. If your mind wanders, and this is common, focus on bringing it back to your visualization – ‘watching your body breathing’.

While you are doing this, focus mentally on a commentary such as:

  1. You can feel the passage of air through you like water flowing into a deep pool Your breathing is like the tides and the waves on the shore
  2. Your body is becoming solid, like a mountain
  3. Your attention is on that feeling of air passing through you or your feeling of being solid.

Every time you find you mind wandering off, bring it back. Be tolerant and forgiving of yourself – it’s hard to still your mind. Bring you mind back each time to watching your body breathing.

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