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Depression – it’s not your fault or anyone else’s fault

happy-coupleSometimes when people become depressed they think it’s their fault – or someone else’s fault. This is, in itself, faulty thinking. Of course, two of the symptoms of depression are that you probably will blame yourself and you probably will feel guilty. The reality, however, is that depression is not anyone’s fault and you shouldn’t feel guilty or ashamed that you’re depressed. You are no more at fault for experiencing depression than if you had diabetes, asthma or heart disease.

In becoming depressed, you have nothing to blame yourself for and nothing to feel guilty about. Some people might have a predisposition towards depression and because life is full of challenges, bumps and potholes which can trigger a depression, many people, not surprisingly, will get the blues.

Let’s bust some of the myths of blame:

No-one is to blame.

It’s a mistake to think ‘they’re doing it to me’ and by adopting that attitude, it’s difficult to move on and heal yourself. Healing yourself is the goal. Remember that and work towards it.

Don’t blame yourself. Don’t even blame yourself for blaming yourself. Work towards reclaiming your power and strength. Enthusiasm, your sense of well-being and life purpose will return if you work steadily towards your goal of healing yourself. Having that sense of power and control over your life and freeing yourself from feelings of victimisation and blame is the goal. It’s not easy, but the effort is worth it.

To learn more about how you can help yourself when you’ve got the blues see: Losing the 21st Century Blues.

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