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Do you want to increase your feelings of self-esteem?

Learning from others and taking from their experience is always a good way of supporting changes in your own life. If you want to increase your feelings of self-esteem, it pays to listen to how others have done this – and learn from their comments.

Not everything that works for someone else will necessarily work for you – but it’s worth considering the skills and strategies that others have found useful. You never know, you might pick up some strengthening tips that will help you increase your feelings of self-esteem.

Improving your self-esteem can be challenging, but it’s worth the effort you put into it. Remember that you only get something back if you put something in.

Here are some comments by people who found things that helped them develop better self-esteem:

‘I’d had a run of bad luck, or so it seemed, then I decided to take more control of my life. I took action on the ideas that I believed in. And I found it worked. It made me feel real good about myself’ (Bradley, 34)

‘I used to feel pretty bad about almost everything in my life and then a friend introduced me to a support group. I began attending regularly – putting time into it and extending my relationships. After a while, it was amazing because I began to feel like I was much more confident and I felt supported’ (Cilla, 28)

‘You think you’ve got good self-esteem, then something happens and you feel knocked over. I realized my self-esteem could do with a boost. I sought out some counseling help and I read a lot about how to improve my sense of self-esteem. I started acting things out differently, really stretching myself and taking risks. I was surprised that I felt much better about myself. I felt stronger, more powerful and more in control of my life’ (Amy, 42)

‘When I was a kid I was teased a lot about my big ears and I wasn’t the best-looking guy in the school. I developed this really poor self-image. It wasn’t until I was in my early 20s that I thought about really changing things for myself. I made a definite effort to improve my personal appearance. I lost weight and I dressed better and because I looked better, I felt better. There’s not much I can do about my ears, but because I feel better about myself and life in general, the size of my ears don’t matter so much’ (Jason, 30)

‘A good friend recognized I had poor self-esteem and she introduced me to ideas through the books she was reading. I began reading lots of positive literature about self-esteem, and started trying different ways of doing things, saying things, that sort of thing. I also learnt to be honest in expressing my opinions and letting people know my strengths, skills and talents’ ((Dina, 35)

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