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Down with diets – think yourself slim

How many times have you heard that diets don’t work? You might think this is a sweeping statement – and it is. For most people, slimming diets don’t work because they go about their weight loss without really being mindful of their intentions and goals. But if you use your mind and some psychology, you might just find that you can think yourself to your weight-loss goals.

Sticking to your weight-loss goals
Motivation is the key to making up your mind that you’re going to lose weight – and sticking to your decision. Studies have found that people who reported high levels of autonomous motivation – the desire to make changes that are strong and personal – four weeks into their weight-loss program had lost 5% of their initial body weight after four months. On the other hand, those whose motivation had faded had not lost as much weight.

Remember – the effort has to come from you. The more internally directed you are, the more successful you’ll be.

Stay motivated by reminding yourself why you want to lose weight. Write it down and put it up somewhere you can see it – try the refrigerator door or that corkboard in your study, or perhaps tape it to your bathroom mirror.

Be smart when you make your goals
Don’t be vague about your weight-loss intentions. Vagueness will only lead to waning motivation.

Tip: Make smart goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.

Don’t make your intention to lose enough weight to drop two dress sizes in two weeks – because that’s not achievable or realistic. Instead, make it your intention to fit into – and look fabulous – in that new swimsuit by summer.

To read more about tips, strategies and the psychology of losing weight see Think Yourself Thin: The Psychology of Losing Weight.

Above all, commit yourself to the changes needed to achieve your smart goals and work out the most intelligent way for you to lose weight.

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