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Healthy weight loss: Being mindful

If losing weight was as easy as eating less and moving around more, then everyone would be happy and slim. But, in reality, there are many factors that affect the food choices we make, such as emotional eating habits, environmental cues and self-sabotaging.

But here’s the good news
There are powerful mental strategies you can use to help you in succeeding in your weight-loss goals.

By harnessing the power of the mind, you can effectively achieve your goals and make the permanent changes you desire. Researchers have found that while making healthy choices is a good start, your dream weight will only be achieved if you understand how your mind and emotions work when it comes to food, exercise and weight-loss.

Be mindful
Mindful eating is the friend of everyone whose goal is healthy weight-loss. Many people say that they’ve experienced emotional or compulsive eating patterns. And they also say that they know that this kind of eating has nothing to do with actual physical appetite.

Here’s a tip:
By adopting a mindful eating approach, you’ll be able to get in touch with your internal hunger and satisfaction signals.

Just think about it next time you sit down to a meal. Stop and listen to your body’s signals. What is your body telling you?

You might well find that your body is telling you that you’re satisfied before you’ve cleared every last morsel from your plate.

Train yourself to ask the following questions:

Use your sense of aesthetics
Find yourself a comfortable and visually pleasing place in which to eat. Make your eating experience pleasurable.

Be conscious of how your food looks. Attractively arrange your food on your plate.

Stay mindful during your eating experience. Eat slowly. Pay attention to the taste, the nuances in flavour, the sound, texture and look of your food.

To learn more about powerful strategies of mindful eating and healthy weight-loss see Think Yourself Thin: The Psychology of Losing Weight.

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