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How to heal depression

Often when people are depressed, it’s hard for them to think about beginning their healing. It helps if you can talk to someone whom you trust about how you might enlist their support in your healing journey. By having someone supporting you in your efforts towards healing, you can keep yourself on track more easily.

Always think big, but not huge
It’s fine to dream big about your healing. It’s even okay to visualise your healing in big terms – wanting to move towards a more contented state of being. Think as big as you dare when you begin your healing journey. For example, visualise how the ‘healed you’ would look. How would you feel? What would you think?

Do this exercise
Think of the words that would describe the ‘healed you’. Think of three words now. Words that might come to mind are: happy, contented, enthusiastic, effective, loving, joyful.

Beware: don’t think too big
Try not to be unrealistic and ‘too big’ in your thinking about how the ‘healed you’ would be. Strive for excellence rather than unrealistic perfection. Don’t think that the ‘healed you’ should never be angry, sad, hurt or disappointed. Never believe that the ‘healed you’ will always be happy and never again feel emotions that you associate with depression. Always strive to be realistic in your goal towards the ‘healed you’ – and set reasonable personal goals as you heal.

A final word
Remember that healing from depression, like any form of healing, is not a smooth, steady, even, upward path. It can have its ups and downs. Your journey towards healing may feel like a slow roller-coaster. As long as you get off at a higher point than where you got on – you’re achieving your healing goals.
Take the journey and ride the ride. Feel the ups and downs along the way and learn that the downs of today will be the ups of tomorrow.

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