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Know who you are and what you need

happy-woman-with-her-arms-wideWe all owe it to ourselves to pursue mental wellness in our lives.  By knowing who you are and what you need, you’ll be able to achieve mental wellness for yourself.  Don’t let yourself get lost amongst all your commitments to others.  We all lead lives where we are expected to give to our relationships, our work, our children.  But losing sight of your own needs can be unhealthy.  Women, juggling competing demands, are very often guilty of losing sight of themselves and their needs.

You should be encouraged to figure out what makes you feel good and improves your mood – and then you should do it.  Research has found that knowing what improves your sense of self in the world is protective to your mental well-being.  You  can begin by paying closer attention to your ‘pressure points’ – those things that drive you crazy, stress you out and make your blood boil.  When you know what makes you uneasy, you can work on strategies to prevent these ‘pressure points’ from overwhelming you.

Don’t feel guilty

Shifting priorities and focussing on your own needs may feel like you’re being selfish.  Don’t feel guilty about making more time for your mental wellness.  Being ‘selfish’ in this sense can prove productive – for everyone.  You can become a more effective and resourceful person for others if you’re functioning at the top of your form.  In fact, being ‘selfish’ can be truly health promoting.  

When you take time to consult with yourself about your mental wellness, you might find that you begin to shift your emotional priorities.  You may realise that it’s not worth working to maintain a relationship that isn’t working, you don’t need to hold onto something from yesterday that’s gone or plain worn-out and served its purpose.  You have to know when to move on.

Moving on

It’s important to remind yourself that you have natural strengths and you’re emotionally adaptive.  A good daily reminder is to acknowledge that you have the inner strength to play whatever hand life deals you.  Life, on a daily basis, reminds us that nothing stays the same.  Moving on in healthy ways to new ways of being – and finding a stronger you should be high on your agenda.  

Challenges in life bring a chance to reinforce self-esteem and reverse any worn-out negative thought habits.  Develop the habit of being positive and believing in yourself.  Learn to take pride in being what you are, who you are and develop your sense of being valuable, unique and special.

While being acknowledged for your achievements and accomplishments is a real ego-booster, your healthy self-esteem comes from within.  Your lack of self-esteem often comes from judging yourself – often harshly.  Learn to focus on self-affirmation and explore on a daily basis what’s good about you.  Your mental wellness depends on your ability to maintain an optimistic outlook, remain hopeful about life and to appreciate who you are and what you need.  With all these assets in mind, you will be able to handle just about anything.

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