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Losing those last few kilos or pounds: Part Two

smiling-young-woman-holding-a-shopping-bagIn Part One some strategies to help lose those last few stubborn kilos or pounds were presented. The idea was put forward that in order to succeed, you need to be totally committed to the quest to shift that last lot of weight. Anything short of such motivation will have you continuing to be frustrated. Becoming disciplined in your healthy food choices, doing regular exercise and leading a more mindful lifestyle will mean you will succeed.

You need to have strategies that are user-friendly and help you take control of your situation. We all know that when you attempt to put into practice ideas that are too difficult or tiresome you’ll easily lose motivation. Simple tips about what you can do work, because they are simple and easy to do.

Take a look at the following tips:

  1. Exercise before breakfast

It’s been found that exercising in the morning on an empty stomach is best if you’re trying to shift extra weight. You don’t burn fat until your sugar stores are depleted and the morning is the best time for that. Be sure to have breakfast after exercising. Studies show those who eat breakfast maintain weight loss more readily.

  1. Don’t toss the treats

Losing weight is not all about self-discipline. Research has found that contrary to what we might think, the more willpower needed, the greater the chance of giving up trying to lose those last few pounds. If you deprive yourself of all food you love, ultimately you’ll rebel. Instead, learn to develop clarity about which fattening foods you really want to eat. Think about your treats – and identify the ‘low-sacrifice’ treats – the ones you enjoy but aren’t attached to, for example, white bread. Then identify your favourite ‘high-sacrifice’ treats, for instance, premium chocolate. Then you’re in a position to remove low-sacrifice foods from your diet and treat yourself to a small portion of one high-sacrifice food two to three times a week. This strategy is the antidote for cravings and will ensure that you remain mindful about your eating habits.

  1. Hypnotise yourself

Many of us are captives of our own thoughts. For instance, maybe you believe that ‘there’s never time to exercise’ or ‘weight loss is really hard’. This is where hypnotherapy can help. Hypnosis reconditions the negative attitudes and beliefs that keep us trapped in ‘overweight’ ways of thinking. It works by bypassing the logical – and critical – mind and feeding positive suggestions into our subconscious.

Follow these steps to self-hypnosis:

Now for some facts about calorie burning that will help you on your quest to lose those last few kilos.

Did you know…?

Calorie Burning Fact File:

Now you’ve got more knowledge, there’s no excuse to not try losing those last few stubborn kilos or pounds.

To read more about mindful weight loss see Think Yourself Thin.

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