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Mindful Relationship Practice – Part 2: Working Together

Young couple in love, Attractive man and woman enjoying romantic evening on the beach, Holding hands watching the sunsetRelationships need to allow people to be separate as well as work together. It’s healthy if you can find a balance of separateness and togetherness in your relationship. Sometimes, of course, it makes sense to do things separately and individually. For instance, household chores often get done quicker if one person dedicates themselves to the task and gets on with it. Dividing tasks is also a good idea and can lead to productivity and efficiency. While one of you does the laundry, the other can be repairing something that’s begging to be fixed.

It’s wise to remember, however, that a relationship isn’t only about productivity and efficiency! Relationships are also about fostering imaginative and creative ways of working together and getting satisfaction from the experience. Relationships need stories to support them – stories of shared interests, activities and a sense of companionship. These stories of shared interests and activities help build a stronger relationship. Remember, keep it fun and build your story of sharing and working together by re-telling each other the interesting and quirky experiences you’ve shared.

Finding a connection with your partner while sharing household chores can mean more emotional satisfaction on a day-to-day basis. There are many ways of working together on daily activities.

Here are some suggestions for working together on those chores:

Reflect on the chores around your place and how you might build on the togetherness in your relationship by sharing the tasks. Come up with five chores you and your partner can do together.

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