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Mindful Relationship Practice – Part 3: Turn off your autopilot

couple hanging out talking in parkIf you want to commit to mindful living and becoming more conscious about the quality of your relationship, then turning off your autopilot is a good first step. Many couples find that their constant daily routine can turn them into robots. They find that they operate on autopilot, without much thought to what’s really going on or mindful about the consequences of some of their patterns of behaviour. We all know this feeling of doing without much thinking taking place. It can lead to a very boring and deadening way of life.

If you want to mindfully reconnect with your partner, then it’s time to take a break from your habitual ways of doing things. Stop and consciously consider what it is that you’re doing instead of going ahead unthinkingly and just doing the same old thing.

Here are some tips for doing something different:

Breaking out of a lifeless routine can be challenging. Routines can be ordering and calming – letting us know we’ve done the usual things in the same way. But routine can also stifle creativity and imagination. Becoming more conscious of how you and your partner operate on autopilot will ensure that you can work together on being more spontaneous and in the moment with each other.

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