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Mindful Relationship Practice – Part 4: Acknowledging every gift

Young love couple smiling. Over white backgroundHow often have you consciously considered the everyday gifts in your life? More importantly, how often have you acknowledged the giver of these gifts? Every little gift that you receive – both actual and symbolic – should be mindfully considered and acknowledged.

Sometimes we’re so immersed in our everyday lives that we don’t take a step back and really look at what’s happening – what we’re being given and how we accept these gifts. Do we acknowledge them? Do we let our partner know we gratefully received their gift to us?

There are some simple ways to consciously connect with the gifts – and the gift-giver in your life. The first step is to focus on what gifts you’ve received recently.

Here are some suggestions:

Sometimes when we’re living our everyday lives it becomes difficult to observe all the etiquette that you might do when you’re not so busy and preoccupied. Perhaps you and your partner have developed a pattern of taking each other for granted. When that happens, showing your gratitude and thanks can slide into not fully expressing your positive feelings to the gift-giver.

You can become more mindful of the gifts you receive and the thanks you can give by doing the following exercise:

Close your eyes and hold your partner in your mind’s eye. Thank them and send them well wishes. Then, actualise this visualisation by sitting down with your partner, facing them and holding their hands as you tell them how grateful you are for their care and attention and thank them from the bottom of your heart.

To discover more about acknowledging every gift see The Rules of Love

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