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Mindful Relationship Practice – Part 5: Laughing out loud together

Happy-couple-in-love-on-beachWhen was the last time you consciously remember having a good laugh with your partner? Sharing humour can strengthen your connection to one another. Laughing has been found to bring feelings of joy and connection. It’s good to laugh – the exercise is beneficial to your body and soul.

Reflect on when was the last time you remember laughing with your partner. Was it a joke? Were you watching a comedy? Did something funny happen? How long did the good feeling last? Perhaps it was so long ago you can’t remember!

Did you know that you can just start laughing to get all the benefits? It helps if you think of something funny. But research has shown that just laughing for the exercise itself can improve your mood.

Sharing laughter is one of the gifts in a relationship. It helps us connect and appreciate each other. If it’s been too long since you shared a good laugh, it’s time to start laughing. Even if you laughed together only yesterday, today is another day which brings another opportunity to laugh out loud together.

Here’s what you and your partner can do for some laughing fun. Try this laughing practice:

Learn to relax and laugh incidentally – and on purpose. Take every opportunity to lighten your life and give yourself a good body and soul workout by watching funny shows, reading humorous writing and simply having a good laugh together – because you can – and because it will make you feel much better.

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