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Good Grief book cover

Good Grief

Good Grief is a book for everyone. Loss is part of our daily life. Grief visits us all. There are many incidental and inevitable losses and let-downs, as well as major losses in life. Sometimes the sense of loss and grief we experience leads to feelings of despair. Life seems to lose its meaning. Good Grief shows that a satisfying and meaningful life is possible after loss.

You’ll be given information to help you make sense of your experience. You’ll read about other people’s stories of coping with loss and grief and how they moved on in their lives. You’ll be encouraged to read and write through your grief. You’ll gain greater understanding of how you can cope with your loss and move forward with your life.

Good Grief is a practical, realistic and reassuring book. It offers excellent counsel for those who understand that doing their ‘grief-work’ is important if they are to turn grief into growth and loss into pain. Grieving is a healing process. Good grief leads to good health.


Ebook By Zita Weber
Published Feb. 05, 2012

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