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Seven Tales of Love and Betrayal book cover

Seven Tales of Love and Betrayal

In this collection of short stories, you’ll find the variable responses to love and betrayal that are part of our human condition. How do people respond to temptation? What do they do about it? Can an affair be justified? How do we forgive our lovers for their transgressions? The characters, both men and women, in these seven stories face similar, yet different, temptations. They all deal with things differently, because as unique individuals, we all have our own response. Yet, all these characters’ decisions and actions will be familiar to you – either because you’ve been tempted yourself and know the choices, or you’ve been betrayed and understand the feelings that result from that situation. Enjoy the temptations and dilemmas that these characters face and dare to put yourself in their shoes!


Ebook By Zita Weber
Published Map. 08, 2013

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