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Slowing the Pace book cover

Slowing the Pace – Losing the Hurry Habit

The hurry habit is addictive. But at what cost? Slowing the Pace: Losing the Hurry Habit, is a little book which promises to bring a sense of balance into our hurried and harried lives. You’ll develop skills that will improve your mental health and sense of being in the world.

How often have you thought about slowing down? Have you considered bringing more balance into your life, but found yourself too busy to really give it any serious thought?

Slowing the Pace: Losing the Hurry Habit encourages you to stop and smell the roses and become more mindful in your practice of being calm to your core. Researchers have found that bringing more balance into your life, slowing down and finding more time to do the things that really matter means having a better quality of life. That’s not surprising. What is surprising is how few of us take heed of this advice.

Start by learning about how our roller-coaster life is leading us headlong into an ever-more rushed existence and how we can use skills to help us get off the wild ride and balance out our lives.


Ebook By Zita Weber
Published Feb. 05, 2012

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