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Think Yourself Thin book cover

Think Yourself Thin

Think Yourself Thin: The Psychology of Losing Weight is a little book packed with intelligent ideas about helping you achieve your weight-loss goals. By learning about the emotions of losing weight, you’ll be in a more powerful position to not only shed that weight, but also to keep it off.

Being mindful about your strategies for weight loss and using the powerful psychological strategy of self-talk, will put you in the best position to achieve your goal. Thinking yourself thin requires your understanding of how your mind and emotions work and how you can harness this knowledge to get what you want.

Learning to develop your thinking and using psychology and emotional techniques and skills to motivate you – and sustain you – in your goal of losing weight is key to achieving your goal. Losing weight is much more effective – in the short and long term – when you approach the task intelligently and use psychology to help you achieve your goal.


Ebook By Zita Weber
Published Aug. 14, 2012

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