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Re-thinking stress and how it affects our lives

There was a time when ‘stress’ was a buzzword in danger of losing its currency. Cycles in thinking and fashions in themes and lifetyle issues come and go, but stress has remained a concern for many people. Yet, media concern has largely faded and the flurry of articles and books devoted to this important issue have receded as newer concerns and words enter our lives and vocabularies.

But stress remains a constant and researchers continue to be interested in exploring the effect of stress in our lives. For me, stress and the exploration of what it is, what it means for people, how it affects us differently and how to use effective strategies to handle stress better have remained important.

Dr. Hans Selye, a pioneer in the area of stress said, ‘Stress is the spice of life’ by which he appeared to mean that without some element of stress, there is no life. Gaining the balance between the ‘good stress’ that motivates us and the ‘bad stress’ that hinders us is the key.

Currently, I’m working on a little book that will address the main features of stress and how we can use strategies to handle stress for a more positive life and better living. I’ll keep you posted. Zita

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