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Relationship puzzle #2: Gender and feelings

Portrait of a couple by the seaEver wondered why on a first date she feels anxious and thinks: ‘I wonder if he likes me? I’m not sure’, while he feels confident and thinks, ‘I’m sure she likes me’? The emotional differences between men and women – and the way they think – are rooted in our social conditioning. She feels unsure about what to wear and thinks, ‘I feel sexy in this, but will he like it?’ while he feels confident and thinks, ‘I look great in this’.

We all know life is not so simple, and yet, we’ve all found that these gender differences often prove to be the case. Understanding the differences and knowing how to manage them is the key to a healthy relationship.

Some points to remember:

If you love each other, learn to respect the differences and work towards understanding your partner’s point of view – what they feel and how they express it. Rather than worrying about, ‘What’s he feeling right now?’ or ‘I hope she doesn’t ask me what I feel’, get on with enjoying each other for who you both are – as individuals and as a couple.

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