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Revising, updating and completing

Finishing a manuscript is always an uplifting experience.  When it’s been a long journey and you’ve been working closely with two other authors it is particularly rewarding to see the final proofs.  I’m talking here of a mental health book with an international focus, for professionals and students.  This is a paper book – a format now in competition with the ebook.  For those of us who have grown up with paper books, they will always occupy a special place in our hearts.  But the advent of the ebook has afforded convenience for readers and opportunities for writers.

Currently I’m working on revising and updating my pbook Good Grief.  Revising and updating is a challenging and invigorating experience.  Re-reading something you wrote years earlier and looking at it with fresh eyes is confronting.  Deciding what to keep and what to eliminate is difficult.  Adding new information and narratives breathes renewed life into the work.  I’m enjoying the process and hope to have the book finished before too long.  In its next incarnation, it will be an ebook with a new cover and possibly a new subtitle.  I’m going to keep the title Good Grief because I think it’s apt after a loss experience when grieving often leads us to reflect on our life perspective and grief offers us an opportunity to discover something about ourselves.


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