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Sometimes you can get lucky

zita-weber-jigsawYou know the sort of situation – something wonderful happens and you thank the planets for being in the right alignment!  My luck came when I found I’d won a $1000 styling and clothing prize at Jigsaw.

I’d entered the competition when I was last in the Jigsaw store in mid-March.  I then promptly forgot about it as I went on an extended overseas trip.  Not having won anything for a long, long time – I’d almost forgotten about the beach umbrella win in my teens – I wasn’t expecting to be the winner of this prize.

Nicole Hooper, the National Manager of Jigsaw in Australia had left me a message asking that I call her.  Kristen Carter, the Melbourne store manager had also done so.  Both had hinted that I was in for a surprise, but I couldn’t believe my luck when I returned their calls and found that I had won the contest.

I made an appointment to attend the Melbourne Emporium store and be styled and outfitted by Nicole and Kristen.  The Jigsaw range is classic with an edge.  The garments are well-cut and the fabrics are all of high quality and good drape.  There wasn’t anything I tried on that I didn’t like and narrowing down the choices was the challenge.  I spent just over one hour being advised and trying on the garments before choices had to be made!

In the end, although it was a difficult decision, I decided that the vanilla pure wool reversible jacket spoke to me the loudest.  This was followed closely by a beautiful navy cotton and cashmere casual knit jacket that can be worn loose or belted.  A bottle green cotton jumper with side-slits was also irresistible as was a classic, cuffed woollen pant, called the London pant.  In fact, I also chose a subtly checked chocolate and navy light-weight woollen pant, again in the London cut.  This cut is flattering, falling simply in a straight leg style with a cuff.

It’s not every day that you get the chance to be advised and styled by two professional and knowledgeable women.  I appreciated Nicole and Kristen’s assistance and was impressed by their understanding of the fabrics, styles and potential of the Jigsaw brand.

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