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Strategies for stress

Stress: consider your attitude

Stop and think about it for a minute – how you deal with stress depends on how you approach the things that stress you out in life. Perhaps you should think about your stress differently. Consider how your attitude to your particular difficulty can be so much more important than the difficulty itself. As with most things in life, a positive attitude will mean that when the challenges arrive, you’ll have a better outlook and cope with them better. A positive attitude gives you a sense of empowerment. It helps you believe that challenges can be met and obstacles overturned.

Six steps to a positive attitude

  1. Reserve your right to be optimistic. Guide yourself to ‘think well’ about difficulties
  2. Consider ways of doing something about the difficulties you face – and always avoid that feeling of helplessness
  3. Always take a broad view of matters – consider all sides of the question and all aspects of the issue and behaviours
  4. Build a mental model of meeting your challenge and visualise a successful solution for your stresses
  5. Embrace uncertainty – because it’ll always be with us in life
  6. Learn about the hidden advantages of stress and adversity – use your mistakes and struggles to improve your understanding of challenges and how to deal better with them

Choose your attitude

While you have little control over stressful events, you can choose your attitude towards them. Choose to be optimistic. Reserve your right to embrace hope. Think positively and come up with solutions to your difficulties.
Learn optimism and let it be a guiding feature in your life.
Develop the habit of ‘thinking well’ about your difficulties by being:

By learning the elements of thinking well, you’ll begin to think constructively about solutions to your stress and consider the best possible outcome.

You’ll find more strategies for coping with stress in Stress-Less: Your guide to better living.

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