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Turn off, tune in

In any 24-hour, 7-day period, we’re exposed to an array of media about stories of misfortune and injustice, tragedy and woe. Our world confronts us with a continual flow of information, much of it negative. At times, this overwhelming flow takes us away from self-care, creative pursuits and a sense of well-being.

It’s not easy switching off the sources of information all around us. But when the sensory bombardment gets too much, we may experience generalised anxiety and depression.

By engaging in periods of silence and meditation, we can help ourselves become more balanced and grounded.

Flicking the off switch

To overcome that sense of being overwhelmed and feeling powerless, it’s important to take time out and flick the off switch in your life. In order to produce a heightened sense of awareness in yourself, it’s essential to tune out the everyday sensory bombardment. We allow ourselves to be overwhelmed for fear of not ‘keeping up to date’. But, if we’re brave enough to put our busy lives on hold, then we can enter a space and environment where we can be free to think and reflect about the really important things in life.

Introduce calm into your life

Embrace those times when you can get away from it all – and find yourself in a comfortable and calm space. It’s in this space that you can make new discoveries about yourself, your values, what’s important to you and become more creative than you’d ever believe you can be. When we’re in a calm state, we’re much more balanced and able to tap into our creative selves. If you’re busy multi-tasking with a lot of noise and action around you, you can’t delve in deep and find your creative self.

Learn to combat stress and anxiety by turning off the white noise in your life and tuning into yourself.

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