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Venturing into the world of ebooks

As an author who has been published in the traditional paper book or pbook format, venturing into the Brave New World of epublishing and ebooks was both exciting and challenging. Exciting because it gives writers the opportunity of sharing their stories with a potentially vast world-wide audience, and challenging because it opens the space to reflect on the ever-changing ways writers and readers can connect with each other.

Writers and readers are adjusting and adapting to increasingly creative opportunities to transmit and receive knowledge and information. This is thrilling and frightening at the same time. Adjusting and adapting to changes stretches our imagination and creativity and challenges offer never-ending possibilities in how we write and how that writing – whether for education or pleasure – is read. This can only be a good thing. We’re all in this together. To quote Rita Dove: You start out with one thing, end up with another, and nothing’s like it used to be, not even the future. Let’s venture into that future.

Best, Zita

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